Got a bog init!

Yep, put this up so I have somewhere to put write-ups on stuff I do. Oh yeah, I’m Hoffman and I’m a musician, DJ and coder who is heavily involved with the demoscene (go look that up if you don’t know what it is otherwise the rest of these posts ain’t gonna mean jack!)

Anyway, Revision demoparty 2019 came and went and it was probably the most massive year so far. Actually my 9th attendance to this awesome event.

Friday, things started well with us winning Best Soundtrack for Bros Before Foes and Best High-End 64k for Trashpanda which was swiftly followed by an Acid DJ set I did for The Renowned Acid Connoisseurs (TRSAC).

Saturday saw the release of our (Logicoma) brand new 64k, dope on wax. I was on music duty with my pal Wobble while Ferris absolutely smashed the visuals (like he always does). I’m sure he’d love us to get more involved in the visual side, but until our demo tool chain is easy enough for us mere mortals to us, he’ll have to wait 😉

Although I didn’t just appear once in this category. Branch and Visy had recently integrated our wavesabre synth into their 64k tool chain but couldn’t find a musician in time for Revision. I’d already written something for the executable music compo so donated this track to them for them to use in their demo.

To say it was a prolific year is an understatement as I’d also teamed up with noby to make a soundtrack for a 4k evvvvil was working on called alexas wet dream. That being the third production I’d been involved with on a single day at the party, some kind of record for me there I think!

Sunday rolled into blurry view nice and early with the executable music competition. As the previous thing I’d been working on for this category got hovered up for a 64k demo, I decided to enter Makeshift Reprise, a wavesabre remake of the commodore 64 demo we made in 2017. The tune is notable for is complete lack of drums, a bit of an experiment to see how people would react to something like that in a music compo which seemed to work really well.

: soundcloud links to follow :

Now, as if that wasn’t enough I’d also been secretly working with TBL (The Black Lotus) on the soundtrack for their Amiga 500 demo, Eon. The process took around 4 years (yep, really long) although it’s important to note that’s not a constant thing, work on the project ramps up at varying times of the year (usually around April time according to all the github stats, surely just coincidental?). The demo runs on (what is considered) a stock commodore Amiga 500, that means 7mhz CPU, floppy drive and 1 meg of ram.

So yeah.. that was that.. pretty dam epic on all fronts! Now you’re all caught up, the next up post will be the technical write-up of how the music in that demo works. It’s gonna be length and probably have a lot of pictures and stuff.

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