Metal Gear v1.1

Finally, got the loose ends wrapped up for what surely the final release. Mostly minor bug fixes and compatibility issues but also you can now download the original ProTracker modules, which is always nice.

List of bug fixes below.

  • detection using the cardboard box when entering some rooms fixed
  • max rations at max class fixed (was $12 instead of 12)
  • rolling barrels speed has been adjusted to be a little slower
  • original MSX tank glitch fixed where you could bypass the tank without defeating it
  • bootblock bug where dirty RAM caused crash on crack intro
  • bootblock memory allocation problems fixed, now works from disk on many more systems
  • cheat menu causing enemies to vanish
  • card cheat no longer trashes the equipment menu
  • Spanish item name text encoding fixed and text lengths resolved
  • Japanese text formatting fixed
  • WHDLoad slave now runs the crack intro

Grab it from the link above

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