Metal Gear v1.1

Finally, got the loose ends wrapped up for what surely the final release. Mostly minor bug fixes and compatibility issues but also you can now download the original ProTracker modules, which is always nice. List of bug fixes below. detection using the cardboard box when entering some rooms fixed max rations at max class fixed […]

Eon – Amiga Soundtrack Hacks

In this rather lengthy post I’m going to talk about the soundtrack I made for the new Amiga 500 demo – Eon by The Black Lotus. I’ll be covering everything from the early beginnings and creative decisions through to the tech that was built to enable us to break out of the memory restrictions of […]

Got a bog init!

Yep, put this up so I have somewhere to put write-ups on stuff I do. Oh yeah, I’m Hoffman and I’m a musician, DJ and coder who is heavily involved with the demoscene (go look that up if you don’t know what it is otherwise the rest of these posts ain’t gonna mean jack!) Anyway, […]